The only constant in business is change.

Whether changing hands or
taking a strategic leap, do it with
both eyes open.

We guide mid- to large-scale companies
through pivotal transitions—
expansions, acquisitions, and mergers.

We give you a
360° view of your company
the tools to make
game changing decisions.

Let us guide you through the transition

with our Advisory and Management Services

Our services revolve around nine core areas of business:

Value Proposition

The purpose served or problem solved for customers.


Your company’s personality, culture, and reputation.

Customer Relations

Market potential, customer profiles, and service SOPs.


Systems that are organized and streamlined for daily operation.


Funds, staffing, real estate, equipment, and expertise.


Collaborative companies that help better serve customers.

Revenue Streams

Sources of income from goods, services, or experiences.


Communicate and deliver where your customer is.

Cost Structure

Operating expenses that determine profitability.

Focus on what matters.
Build a better future for you, your business, and your community.

Our team has decades of experience in the sports, consumer brands and media markets.

With diverse expertise, we connect the dots quickly and pinpoint what matters most.
We are:
• Investment Bankers
• Researchers
• Creatives
• Ops Specialists
John Prutch


Joshua Prutch


Samantha Prutch


Jim Thompson


Landon Adams, Ed.D.

Analytics Specialist

Alexa Doebler

Project Support

Steve Johnson

Communications Specialist

Bill Levitt

Operations Specialist

Operations Specialist

Fred Matthes
Joseph Molloy

Operations Specialist

Simon Rose, MBA

Client Services, Pro Sports

Mike Squire, M.A.

Operations Specialist

“We love working with Club Nine because they are very collaborative. They know deal structure… very complex deals… they have great access to people who make decisions like this… but most important, they are open to ideas on structuring and are collaborative in that process.”

Chris Graham – CEO & Founder The Private Client Law Group | Crown Capital, LLC



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